Adra Kitchen’s Shell Out in Miri

Adra Kitchen's Shellout

Modelling for Adra’s Kitchen. 🙂

Cheap Shell out Place in Miri: Adra Kitchen

Back in December last year I had the opportunity to try out a shell out style seafood place for the first time in Miri. This was Adra Kitchen’s Seafood Lover near the Permy Mall area. It’s an ideal spot to dine since it’s along the way back to Brunei. We first heard of this place from Facebook. RM40 (BND13) for two. Seafood platter with rice and refillable drinks. Sounds like a bargain. We had to try it out.

Miri might not be the prettiest town but there’s a lot of places to eat. Though not all of these great eateries are certified Halal. So if these new Halal-places pop up in Miri, we will try it out and I will attempt to blog about it and introduce to people.

Quite easy to find in a quiet corner of Permy area, next to laundromats. We found the place after a day of grocery shopping and a movie. Coming in, it surprised me how quiet it was. I was expecting a crowd after seeing photos on Facebook. Probably just two sets of customers when we dined there. I guess the place only recently opened and there was not much advertisement about it.

The menu arrived and straight away we went for the RM40 Shell out meal. It came with two sets of rice and a refillable glass of iced tea. Of courser they served other things like Nasi Ayam Kampung but I didn’t even skim through the menu. The decor was modern and minimal, almost like a quaint cafe. They served ice cream as well.

Shellout menu

Menu for Shell out dinner.

We didn’t wait that long before the food arrived. First they cleared the table and covered it with greaseproof paper. Then they brought out the big guns. Crab and mussels in spicy sambal sauce heaped on one side. Clams, scallops, squid and prawn spread on the other side blanketed with a creamy butter garlic sauce. Peppered in between the morsels were broccoli, cauliflower and sweetcorn. Everything on the paper-covered table. No plates, no cutlery and no complaints. Everything for RM40. We could definitely feed one more. Great value for money.

Shellout food

Heaps of seafood on the table. Hands only.

Hands washed and primed, we attacked. And as advertised, the sambal sauce was rather spicy. Perfect for the crab. But I’d have to say the butter garlic sauce was my favourite. Very creamy and savoury, almost like a cajun style mushroom sauce. I had to refill my iced tea as well to counter the mild space of the crab. Miraculously we finished everything, leaving behind traces of shells and destruction.

This place really should have more customers. Very much recommended to try out the shell out dining experience for a bargain price.

Have a go. 🙂

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