Food Findings

This is from VCR KL

Below are my posts about food reviews from Cafes or restaurants scattered around Brunei and even abroad. Feast your eyes. Food for thought. More food puns!

Where to eat in KL

VCR Cafe in KL

How about some Food Truck experience in KL: TAPAK.

Halal eating guide in Miri

Where to eat Halal food in Miri?

I regularly go to Miri, probably twice a month. While there’s a lot of places to eat in Miri they’re not all Halal options. Us Bruneians normally go there and eat at McD or KFCs, Permaisuri Food Court, tried and trusted franchises and the local Mamak food fare. This blog will attempt expand the horizons in Miri in terms of Halal-eateries. So as I gorge my way around Miri, finding new, maybe obscure places, I will document them here as a review. InsyaAllah there’s more coming.

Try out Adra Kitchen’s shell out!