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What is SCLL? Spangle Call Lilli Line. They were formed in 1998 in Shimokitazawa.

Shimokitazawa! That place is Tokyo hipster central! I wanted to go there when I went to Tokyo in 2014 but it was difficult. Many train changes and buses and not enough time. Next time for sure.

Spangle Call Lilli Line is my favourite band of all time. I say that without hesitation. Fronted by Kana Otsubo, whose vocals soothe effortlessly. Guitarists and multi instrumentalists Ken Fujieda and Kiyoaki Sasahara flank her through the years. The band has undergone different genres and styles through the years but the quality has never wavered. I would label them experimental pop music. Some songs can be 9-minute long but they aren’t inaccessible and repetitive. Songs are constructed expertly and thoughtfully. In their early years they might fall under the ‘post rock’ label but they’ve become progressively more jazzy.

They’ve released 10 albums, the latest on 2015 (ghost is dead). I will be reviewing each and everyone of them on this blog. I probably won’t go chronologically, just however and whenever I feel like. But for now I’ll just share two songs via YouTube. I hope I can get them new followers.

This is their lead single from the latest album ‘ghost is dead‘ released on 2015.


Perfect song to listen to on that lazy rainy Sunday mornings.


More SCLL PVs on felicity official! Look forward to some reviews next time. 🙂

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